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Welcome to The Magazine Sport! At The Magazine Sport we are passionate about sports, and especially football. Soccer is much more than ninety minutes, two teams, twenty-two players on a soccer field and millions of fans cheering in the stands. Soccer is feeling, spectacle, passion, creation and fun. Engine that moves the world and moves us.

The Magazine Sport is not simply an informative portal to use to be informed of the matches or signings of LaLiga and other international competitions. The Magazine Sport is an interactive website with exclusive and unique latest generation tools.

If there is something that makes the difference of The Magazine Sport within the betting sector, it is having one of the most recognized Spanish gurus among our ranks. Francisco J has been professionally dedicated to the world of sports betting for more than a decade. Through four essential pillars, discipline, perseverance, learning and effort, Francisco J. has managed to unite hobby and work, and shine professionally.

Welcome! I’m Fran and I want to teach you everything the bookmakers don’t want you to know. If you want to learn, I advise you to watch the videos that are published in the “Academy” section.


Getting profit from sports betting is not a matter of luck. Luck in betting does not exist. Never trust someone who considers that making money gambling is a matter of luck. It is absolutely false. To win you mainly need knowledge, study and effort. For this reason and thanks to our guru we have created the Academy. The Academy is a learning institution divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and expert. Through video tutorials, Francisco J. will give us the keys to learn the best techniques and tools to bet with guarantee.

At The Magazine Sport we are aware of the danger that gambling can represent for people. For this reason, we advise you to always play responsibly and prudently.

Remember as the great Di Stefano said, “no player is as good as everyone put together.”

Welcome to The Magazine Sport!

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