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Real Madrid closer to winning La Liga

5 July, 2020

Real Madrid closer to winning La Liga. The three points against Athletic de Bilbao allow Real Madrid to be closer to becoming LaLiga 2019/2020 champion. However, this victory is not without controversy, again. On this occasion it was a stomp from the white captain, Sergio Ramos, to Raúl García.

Leader in the league, however, Real Madrid is not presenting the best game of the season. The last three meetings have saved them by the hair. A goal per game that allows them to dream of winning the competition, but which is far from good football and from showing the expected spectacle of one of the best teams in Europe. In addition, the last two games have been won thanks to two penalties. Real Madrid fans want to see their players shine, but they yearn more for the final victory that will take them to Cibeles in the coming days.

Two stomps, a referee, the VAR and the controversy of the day

Two stomps have led to a heated controversy. The Athletic of Bilbao player, Dani García, stepped on the Real Madrid player Marcelona in the area. The referee, after reviewing the play in the VAR, pointed out the maximum penalty executed by Sergio Ramos, the white captain and the player who usually takes penalties. He already has 22 consecutive goals from the penalty spot.

The controversy of the game comes just five minutes later, when Ramos steps on Raúl García. On this occasion, the referee did not consider the VAR necessary, nor did he call a penalty in favor of Gaizka Garitano’s team. Hence the party’s arbitration controversy. The match ended without great plays but with three more points for Zidane’s team. Each meeting they get closer to Cibeles and to lift the title again.

The Real Madrid closer to winning La Liga just three games from the end of the championship.

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