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Real Madrid is champion of the Spanish league

17 July, 2020

Real Madrid is champion of the Spanish league 2019/2020. Throughout its history, the Whites have won 34 titles. After the league break due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Zidane team has achieved incredible results that have allowed it to win the championship. 10 wins in 10 matches, 30 points out of 30 possible. Two days before the end of the Santander League, Real Madrid depended on himself to be crowned winner in this unusual season. He needed to win a match or tie both matches. However, the merengue team has sentenced tonight against Villarreal its leadership by 1 goal to 2. The player of the match has been Benzema. The Frenchman’s two goals have allowed him to win the 34th league.

10 wins in 10 matches

The league break has strengthened the white players. The restart of the season has demonstrated the perseverance and tenacity of a team that has added all the possible points. In the ten days that have been played, Real Madrid has won all of them, achieving a full 30 points out of 30 points.

However, it has not been spared controversy, mainly by the VAR. With a trophy already at the Bernabéu and the players, technical team and management celebrating the title, Real Madrid has been a fair winner of the title. However, it has not been a path of roses. Real Madrid has experienced some ups and downs throughout the season that has foreshadowed the worst case scenario.

From the abyss to victory

Real Madrid had a good start to the season, being the leader for several days. However, the fall of the sheet also had consequences for the merengue team, who stopped being leaders in Mallorca and presented a lousy game in the Champions League. The French coach saw his chair on the bench endangered after the defeat in Paris and the draw against Bruges. The victory of the Spanish Super Cup in January brought happiness to the meringues.

A few days later, Madrid returned to hell when it was eliminated from the Copa del Rey by Real Sociedad. If there was one thing that could boost Real Madrid’s morale, it was to defeat their maximum rival in the League and win the classic on March 1.

Lisbon objective

After the confinement, the white team has presented a spectacular league final. 10 wins in 10 matches, 30 points out of 30 possible. Madrid has left its skin in all matches. The fight has had its reward and today Real Madrid and its fans celebrate the title. Real Madrid is champion of the Spanish league. There could be no better ending to this particular season. Yes, there is. The meringues fans hope that the team will win the tie against Manchester City, pass the stage until they fly to Lisbon on August 23 and proclaim themselves the champion of Europe.

Barça looking for the Champions

Madrid’s victory contrasts with the defeat of its maximum rival, Barça. The setien outfit, listless and clawless, has lost to a powerful Osasuna. In the 15th minute of the game, the Navarrese team went ahead on the scoreboard and the decline on the Blaugrana bench grew at times. Barça was aware that it was difficult to win the championship. However, nothing foreshadowed that he would lose 1 to 2 against Osasuna at Camp Nou. The League is lost. Barça need to stay alive in Europe and have a place in the Champions League final on August 23 in Lisbon.

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