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The Bundesliga returns on May 16

10 May, 2020
La Bundesliga regresa el 16 de mayo

The Bundesliga returns on May 16. There are only a few days left for football in Germany to resume after a two-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

The end of the soccer competition in Germany marks the beginning of a new era of soccer. Matches will be played behind closed doors. The spotlights will be focused only towards the field of play. In the stands the excitement and passion of the thousands of fans will not beat. The sound of the whistle will resonate louder than ever. Encouragement, boos and cheers to the players will come from the homes of the Germans and millions of football fans who have been waiting for that moment for weeks. 1,2,3,… Action!

Today, social distance is the best health prevention measure. The coronavirus has shaken football. The Bundesliga is the first of the major European leagues to return and make the ball run across the stadium turf. German League is the mirror in which other European leagues want to look at themselves (LaLiga has already announced the return of the league in June). A football experiment in which the protagonist is football.

12 players are isolated after testing positive for COVID-19

On Wednesday May 6, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Heads of Government of the German states agreed to reopen the football season in Germany for May 16. The director and spokesman of the Executive Committee of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund, Christian Seifert, announced “today’s decision is good news for the Bundesliga and Bundesliga2. That decision is associated with a great responsibility of the clubs and their employees to apply the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner.

1,700 COVID-19 tests have been carried out on the 36 first division clubs, of which 10 have been detected positive. The same has been done, with the second division clubs, and two positives have been detected. Players who have tested positive for coronavirus have been isolated.

Mass purchase of test

The question that is repeated the most these days is what will happen to those players who test positive. There is an action protocol that the teams will rigorously follow. In the event that there is a positive, the player will be isolated immediately. The rest of the team must follow precautionary measures. In no case will the name of the player be released, although the absence of it will make it clear who it is.

Those asymptomatic players must undergo a quarantine for two weeks. And in the case of footballers who do present symptoms, they will be isolated for up to four days after the symptoms have disappeared. To ensure safety, the Bundesliga has made a massive test purchase.

98 people in the field

The action protocol specifies the number of people who can be in the stadiums while the match is being played. There are 300 people divided between the playing field, box and ring of the enclosure. In this case, there may only be 98 people on the field of play, including: 22 players, 5 referees, 18 people on the bench, 20 assistants, 4 ball boys, 3 cleaning workers, 3 photographers, 4 nurses, 4 members security and 15 people from VAR and TV signal.

Derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04

If all goes smoothly, the final of the German league is on June 27. Nine days. Perhaps one of the most anticipated matches is the derby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 0 on May 16. The game that fans have been waiting for two months.

The Bundesliga returns on May 16. This strange 19/20 Bundesliga final will determine if Bayern Munich finally wins the “salad bowl” for the eighth time in a row. However, if there are not too many changes, the decline of Pderborn and Werder Bremen seems more than evident. Where there is also movement is the Bundesliga2, in which Arminia Bielefeld is the leader.

Another of the unknowns that remain to be resolved is who will win the trophy for the best scorer of the season. Lewandowsky has scored 25 goals against Werner who scored 21 goals.

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