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Sevilla will play the final of the Europa League

19 August, 2020

Sevilla will play the final of the Europa League on August 21 at the Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne. Lopetegui’s team fought with tenacity and tenacity and managed to overcome a complex match. Manchester United took the lead nine minutes into the game.

Sevilla never gives up, they fight to the end and grow in the face of adversity. He has shown it again on a heart attack night. Manchester United did not make things easy for the Seville team. Just nine minutes after the start of the match, the English team went ahead on the scoreboard, leaving a semi-final almost sentenced. However, nothing and nobody could diminish the illusion and effort of the Sevilla team. A few minutes later, in the 26th minute of the game, Suso scored a goal. A goal that meant much more than a draw.

Tenacity, fight and work

During the first fifteen minutes of the second half, the English team dominated the game with absolute clarity. Manchester City had several clear chances to overtake and sentence the Europa League semi-final, but Sevilla goalkeeper Bounou was simply spectacular.

The mistakes are paid and not sentenced, it means goodbye to the fight for the title. And this is what happened to David de Gea’s team. Finally in the 78th minute a goal from Luuk de Jong sentenced the game. Until the end of the game, the Seville team lived through agonizing and very long minutes. Work has its reward and Sevilla will play the Europa League final for the sixth time in their history.

Sevilla have once again proven to be one of the great teams in Spain. Whatever happens on August 21, Sevilla have completed a spectacular football year. Being fourth in LaLiga allows them to play the Champions League next season.

Black week in Europe

A Spanish team will play the final of the Europa League, after a black week for the Spanish teams who have seen how they fell one after another in the highest competition. The debacle began with Real Madrid’s defeat against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. A day later Atlético de Madrid did it against Leipzig. An a priori game accessible to Simeone’s men. And without a doubt, the final hecatomb has been signed by Barcelona. The Catalan team lived the greatest of football ridiculous after losing two to eight against Bayern Munich. A defeat that will bring consequences such as the dismissal of coach Quique Seitén and the departure of some players.




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