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Deportivo is a Segunda B team

4 August, 2020
Deportivo is already a Segunda B team despite not having played their match against Fuenlabrada, due to the positive in coronavirus of some players from the Madrid team. The Galician team did not depend on itself to maintain the category. He needed his rivals to lose their games. However, the victories of Albacete and Lugo, mathematically sent the Galician team to Segunda B. Lugo played a memorable match and managed to overcome a relentless Mirandés. For its part, Albacete touched the sky after the penalty kick against Cádiz that sentenced the match. Numancia accompanies him in the exile of Segunda B.

Fuenlabrada, coronavirus positive

As a security measure, and as a result of the positives at Fuenlabrada, the LaLiga decided to suspend the match that Fuenlabrada and Deportivo had to play. It was the only game postponed, since the rest of the games were played. That is why Deportivo has announced legal actions to clarify what happened, since they consider that the LaLiga “adulterated the competition”.

I can’t work the miracle

During the confinement and after the resumption of the competition, the Galician team had risen from the ashes. Players, technical team and fans thought that the miracle could be worked. The arrival of the coach, Fernando Vázquez, was an air of hope by winning seven consecutive games. However, it has not been enough. Deportivo is already a Second B team. They abandoned professional football after four decades. The 1980/1981 season was the last that the Galicians played in the Second B. Ten years later, in 1991, they got a place to play in the First Division.

1 League, 2 King’s Cups and 3 Super Cups

Golden years for a club that lives its annus horribilis year. In the First Division they obtained six titles that marked the best years in the history of the club. They got a League, two King’s Cups and three Super Cups. In Europe his name resonated strongly for five consecutive seasons when he played in the Champions League. An image that is far from the memory of fans.
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