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Boris Johnson announces that the Premier will have fans in the stands starting in October

18 July, 2020

Boris Johnson announces that the Premier will have fans in the stands starting in October. The British government envisages in a phased manner the incorporation of fans in the stands and thus return the magic to the country’s star sport. The resumption of the Premier League, after the mandatory stoppage due to the coronavirus health crisis, has brought about important changes in football. One of the most significant changes is the absence of an audience in the stands. A measure carried out in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world to fight the spread of the virus. In a press appearance yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that “starting in October, we hope to bring the public to the stadiums and reauthorize conferences and other economic meetings.”

The survival of English clubs is through ticket sales

English clubs depend directly on the sale of football tickets for their survival. The income gained from the sale of tickets allows the economic viability of many teams, mainly in the divisions below the Premier. Boris Johnson explained that they will “organize larger gatherings in places like stadiums with a larger reopening in the fall.” Since March, mass gatherings in the United Kingdom have been absolutely prohibited as a measure to combat the coronavirus. Currently, around 45.000 have died. thousand people in the country.

Staggered incorporation of fans in stadiums

In these previous months, different large-scale sporting events will be held that will serve to ratify the measure proposed by Johnson. UK Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston has been restrained in announcing that “it will still have to wait a while before the stadiums can be filled to 100% capacity.” However, he considers that “it is a great step for the resumption of live sport in the country.” This will take place the World of snooker, horse racing or friendly cricket matches. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the UK after football.

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