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Messi ditch controversies at Barça

30 September, 2020
Messi zanja polémicas en el Barça

Leo Messi ditch controversies at Barça and put an end to the crisis generated in recent weeks. This summer has been strange and convulsive for the Argentine forward. His intention to leave a year before finalizing his contract with Barça, raised blisters within the club and Barcelona itself. Finally Messi gave in and decided to stay at Barcelona so as not to go to trial with the team of his life.

In an interview with the Sport newspaper, Leo Messi settles controversies and looks to the future. “After so many disagreements, I would like to put an end to it. All Barça fans must unite and assume that the best is yet to come.” Barça needs unity “and row in the same direction” to win titles and return the enthusiasm to the fans.

Rectifying is wise and the Barcelona forward knows that it is time to accept his own mistakes and reconcile with the club and the fans. Messi knows that he has made mistakes and considers that this personal and professional debacle will make him better and stronger at Barça.

“I always did it thinking about the best for the club”

Speaking to the Catalan newspaper, the Argentine star does not forget the Blaugrana fans that have given him so much joy throughout his career. The captain of the Barça asks unit to the barcelonismo. His message is clear, concise and direct, “if at any time something I said or did could bother any of them, let them have no doubt that I always did it thinking about the best for the club.”

Last August the news of the possible departure of Leo Messi from Barça jumped after two decades wearing the culé shirt. The defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League was the trigger for the Argentine to decide to unilaterally terminate the contract with Barça. Finally Messi decided to stay at the club and not go to trial. “I would never go to trial against Barça because it is the club that I love, that gave me everything since I arrived, it is the club of my life,” said the Barcelona forward.

Messi ditch controversies at Barça. We will have to wait until June 30, 2021 when his contract ends.



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