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What moves odds?

15 April, 2021
Qué mueve las cuotas

Have you ever wondered who decides the value of the odds of a match? What moves odds?? How do bookmakers determine the market price? When to bet?

Asian houses determine the value of the odds

There is a false belief regarding what moves the quotas and what factors are determining factors. Most users mistakenly believe that the value of the fees is determined by the bookies. It is not like this. Despite what many may believe, those who mark the value of the quotas are the Asian houses. They are the real people in charge of spinning the sports betting market.

Some “professional bettors” explain that bookies conduct complex probabilistic studies that they draw from all bookmakers. With that information, through impossible calculations, they extract the value of the fees. Fake. It is much simpler than all that. The bookies have reference markets and that information is enough for them to mark and determine the price of the quota.

Traders also move the odds. However, their presence is less and less recurrent. And this is due to automation. Quota providers offer such information.

Which Asian houses do you follow to determine the value of the installments?

Which Asian houses do you follow to determine the value of the installments? Depending on the sport, the bookies follow some Asian houses or others. If we focus on football, it is true that the bookies take as a reference a large part of the Asian houses and based on those results, they position the value. Instead, to know the results of basketball look at Pinnacle. Undoubtedly Betfair has a reference value to determine the value of tennis matches, equestrian bets, cricket, … In short, they follow the most liquid Asian.

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What moves odds?

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