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Tipsters: what no one tells you about

15 April, 2021
Lo que nadie dice sobre los tipsters

Tipsters: what no one tells you about. A tipster is a gambler who collaborates by sharing, through the internet or social networks, his predictions on sports bets in traditional bookies. This collaboration can be free or paid. In today’s video we are going to tell you what nobody tells you about tipsters, finally, the truth finally revealed. 

The term tipster is an Anglo-Saxon word that means advisor. And tipsters focus on advising, recommending or sharing sports betting tips. Currently, the internet or social networks are full of “advisers”. However, not all are. To be able to correctly identify an authentic tipster, you have to base yourself on their professional career. Experience and track record will determine whether you have industry knowledge and can identify where to find good odds.

Tricks to identify false tipsters:

Here are some keys that allow you to identify false tipsters on the Internet:

  • Multiple accounts. Open multiple accounts and bet randomly. The one that obtains the most benefits, the tipsters continue with it.
  • Big bets. Betting to recoup losses.
  • Odds / record. How to verify that the fees are real when they are sent. There are many tricks to make them up.
  • Few bets. Most counselors have few bets posted, around 100 or 200. Analyzing that record is really complex.
  • Survivor bias.

As you can imagine, tipsters are not the panacea for sports betting. And following these types of advisers does not guarantee success and quick earnings. However, they are a tool for those players who are starting. Ideally, the player himself learns how to place safe bets. Effort, work and knowledge.

Learn about the world of gambling in our Academy section. At The Magazine Sport we are committed to responsible gaming. No responsability, no play.

Tipsters: what no one tells you about



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