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The two different types of bookies

8 March, 2021
qué tipos de casas de apuestas existen

When it comes to betting, it is essential to know what types of bookmakers exist. Currently they can be classified into bookies, traditional bookmakers and Asian bookmakers. We explain the two different types of bookies. 


Traditional bookies or betting houses are entertainment companies. Unlike Asian companies, bookies are not investment companies. They base their business on weak or losing players, since they are not able to face good players. In fact, in the terms and conditions they specify that their business is aimed at recreational players. That is, to those players who play for entertainment only. He is not looking for professional players.

What happens if a player starts to make a profit? Traditional bookmakers limit them and can even close their account. As we have said before, bookies look for players who lose money. This happens because the bookies do not have the tools or know how to manage how to face good players.

The player should know that this type of traditional bookmaker works in weak markets. However, the most important thing is that they are collapsible companies, unlike the Asian ones. These types of bookmakers work for players who are just starting out.

As you can imagine, bookies always have their eye on and feed off the other great type of bookmakers, the Asian ones.

Asian bookmarkers

Asian gambling companies move destitute amounts of money. However, the percentage of winnings is lower. In the end, it is a system similar to the stock market, which regulates the market itself is supply and demand.

One of the positive aspects of Asian houses is that they do not limit the amount bet and usually, the stakes are higher. It is a betting market aimed at professionals.

The main problem for Asian bookmakers is regulations, since you cannot bet from any country.

When we refer to Asian bookmakers we are referring mainly to three:

  • Pinacle
  • ISN
  • Signbet


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The two different types of bookies

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