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The truth about early bets and how to take advantage of them

14 April, 2021
La verdad sobre las apuestas tempranas y cómo sacarles ventaja

If there is a controversial issue that generates a lot of controversy in the betting world, it is early bets. For that reason, in today’s article we break down the truth about early bets and how to take advantage of them.

Before starting, we advise you to watch the video above on how you help bookmakers calculate the maximum bet. We want you to see it, so we will only tell you that although it seems implausible you work for them. Yes, yes, you unknowingly work for them.

The controversy of early bets

Why do early bets generate so much controversy and controversy? For many players, mainly professionals, early bets destroy the market price. Early bets lower the price of bets and this greatly unnerves the players.

Early bets: pros and cons


  • They are easier. It is only advisable to make this type of bets in big leagues or physical bookmakers.
  • Exceptions. As in everything in life there are exceptions, it is advisable to make early bets in matches where the team does not play anything. In these cases, the bets have no salvation. So if you get there first, the better.


  • They are not scalable. Any system that we create should be profitable in the medium and long term. Betting on competitions and little leagues does not allow for high odds. Too much time and energy invested for the little benefit we obtain.
  • Bookies. Bookies do not like this type of strategy and will limit you. The bookies are only looking for recreational players, losing players.
  • Accounting. Placing bets early makes it difficult to manage your bookkeeping and know which techniques work and which don’t in the long run.
  • Small sports and competitions do not allow betting large amounts. They also classify the player as “dangerous”.

These types of strategies are commonly used by tipsters.

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The truth about early bets and how to take advantage of them

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