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The reality of sure bets

10 March, 2021
La realidad de las apuestas seguras

The sure bets, in English surebets, are those bets in which the player bets on all possible outcomes taking advantage of the quotation of different bookmakers. However, surebets are not always so secure. These types of practices are used by non-professional players who are starting. Today, the reality of sure bets.

Surebet practical example

Let’s imagine the final of the Roland Garros that Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer dispute. It is very likely that the price is very even in the different bookmakers. However, it is certain that by diving through the different operators we will find an equal result that gives victory to each one of them.

In a portal we find that if Rafa Nadal wins it is paid at 2.10 and in another bookmaker we find the same quote but by Roger Federer. To make a safe bet we would invest the same amount, for example 100 euros. If Nadal won we would get 110 euros, and we would lose 100, and vice versa if Federer won. In the end we would have a 5% profit on our total bet.

Why does this phenomenon happen? Traditional bookies are not efficient and slow moving odds cause these errors. When there is a movement in the Asian houses, the bookies do not change the results ipso facto. That’s where the surebets come from.

Pros and cons of surebets

The reality of safe bets is that they are not always so safe. Here we are going to detail some pros and cons of surebets.


  • “Safe” benefit. A priori when betting on all combinations there is always a benefit.
  • Learning about how houses work and how markets move.


  • Loss of account. There are companies that are dedicated to looking for players who make surebets and cancel the player’s account.
  • Initial failures. Learning involves mistakes.
  • Use of other identities. It is an illegal practice to play on behalf of another person.
  • Account lockout. They can block the player’s account.
  • Big bank.


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The reality of sure bets


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