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The pick followers

14 April, 2021
Los seguidores de picks

The largest sector of players is that of the pick followers. What are the most common tricks, and why is it “impossible” to find good picks? Are tipsters reliable? Would you publicize a unique strategy that works?

What is a pick?

Before entering the world of pick followers, it is necessary to define what a pick is. It is possible that some users know the meaning, surely others do not. So let’s define what a pick is. A pick is a bet or forecast that a tipster recommends.

A tipster is a gambler who collaborates by sharing, through the internet or social networks, his predictions on sports bets in traditional bookies. Are tipsters really reliable? We encourage you to discover it in the following article.

The followers of picks

When a person decides to bet he must be clear about how, where and why to do it. We have always said that the most important thing is learning, acquiring knowledge, evolving through experience and creating your own strategy. For that reason, we distrust picks.

Currently there is a lot of follower of picks and these are based on forecasts that are obtained through the internet or social networks. Are these bets or predictions really valid? Would you sell your strategy for free?

The true gurus or professionals of the sector do not sell your information, or not at any price. It really is not efficient. The benefits that can be obtained are very limited. The most complex thing in this sector is to survive learning, and once you have managed to survive you do not explain to hundreds or thousands of people how to achieve it. You can give clues, offer tricks, give advice, but your strategy is yours. Teaching your system is not part of the game. What’s more, each bettor must create his own strategy, his own system, the one that works for him.

Learn about the world of gambling in our Academy section. At The Magazine Sport we are committed to responsible gaming. No responsability, no play.

The followers of picks

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