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Small odds vs large odds

1 March, 2021
Cuotas pequeñas vs las cuotas grandes

Within the world of sports betting there is a common term that can cause confusion, small vs large odds. It is necessary to explain in detail what each one of them consists of and the positive and negative points of both. There is also an external component that can make us fail, it is none other than emotions.

Online bookmakers establish the odds for different sporting events, in this case football matches, based on statistical data and the profit margin.

Small odds vs large odds

In general terms we can say that thanks to the large fees the benefit is potentially greater. Large odds are more attractive to the player, as higher profits can be made. However, these types of bets are highly risky and the failure rate is higher.

Large fees usually represent a range between 2 and 4 euros. And they allow us to double, triple, and why not, quadruple our benefits

A high percentage of players have the mistaken belief that small odds are not valid because they offer little profit. However, small odds can offer really good and interesting potential winnings, but this requires combining them properly.

When a soccer game is played there is always a favorite. Low odds are associated with that favorite team. They are of low profitability and are usually represented between 1 and 1.5 euro.

The emotions

There is an external component to gambling that can lead to mistakes, and it is none other than emotions. Emotions are an element external to the human being himself that causes him to behave in the wrong way and make blunders when gambling. On good streaks, euphoria makes us play too much. In bad times it can cause us to put our strategy aside. So emotions should always be in second place and not affect the way we bet.

Finally we can conclude by saying that the final key is to combine and find a balance. In balance is the secret.

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