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Markets where it is easier to win

15 March, 2021
Mercados donde es más fácil ganar dinero

The sports betting market encompasses a vast field of possibilities. There are markets where it is easier to win and obtain positive results. Knowing them is the key to success. Winning is easier if you know how to do it, learn and above all, survive in this complex sector. 

Where to bet:

  • Any player who decides to bet on sports betting seeks to obtain a financial benefit. And for this it is necessary to find the optimal market, that of bookies (for beginner players). As we explained in a previous video, bookies are collapsible entertainment companies. Matches that are not part of the Asian bets are much weaker. Profitability can be up to four times higher.
  • Bookies are a good starting point to start.
  • In major leagues that are offered in Asia. The only thing to keep in mind is that they cannot be related to the Asian handicap or goal line.
  • Bet on when we find very poor odds. In reality, when the information does not come from Asian houses, what they do is copy each other. Thus the quotas are much more inefficient. And the markets are much more foldable.
  • Another way to bet and win in a simple way is by betting in those bookmakers that open the market. When information is not obtained from Asian houses and bookies they have to risk the result, and they are more exposed and the odds are weaker.

Learn about the world of gambling in our Academy section or on YouTube. At The Magazine Sport we are committed to responsible gaming. No responsability, no play.

Markets where it is easier to win

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