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How to save your bank

14 March, 2021
cómo salvar tu bank

Pay attention because in today’s video we explain the most common mistakes and how to save your bank if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of sports betting. Errors pay dearly, for that reason it is better to know in advance where we can go wrong. It is the most common way that bookies make money.

The most common mistakes:

  • Use surebets. Despite what it may seem, surebets are not the best option to get started in this complex and exciting world. As we already explained in another video, one of the main drawbacks of safe bets is that sooner or later the bookmakers will close your account. Also surebets are not 100% reliable and they also make mistakes that can make you lose your bank.
  • Martingale strategy. The Martingale strategy is based on a principle of doubling when a bet is lost and must be repeated until it is won. In this way losses or part of them are recovered. It is a system that requires a very high bank and can lead to total ruin.
  • Big bets. The path to success is constancy and perseverance. Place bets with a similar amount. Even if everything indicates or there is a clear favorite, remember that in sports betting there is no favorite, and that favorites also make mistakes. Always play responsibly.
  • Bets to recover. It is common for a player who has had a bad streak to mistakenly decide to place bets to recoup losses. Never make that mistake. You will most likely go into a self-destructive spiral. Hunches in sports betting don’t work. Don’t be guided by your heart when betting, be practical and use knowledge, statistics and experience. That is the only way not to ruin yourself. In sports betting there is no favorite, because favorites also make mistakes and lose.


Learn about the world of gambling in our Academy section or on YouTube. At The Magazine Sport we are committed to responsible gaming. No responsability, no play.

How to save your bank


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