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How much to bet?

15 April, 2021
cuánto apostar

In previous videos we have talked about the importance of learning, acquiring knowledge and experience. When a user decides to professionalize he has to be aware that learning involves work, effort, dedication and passion. The world of sports betting is exciting but also very risky. Therefore, you always have to act responsibly. One of the most important parts is knowing how much to bet. And it is that going bankrupt and entering a whirlwind of losses is easier than it may seem a priori.

Maximum bet, 1%

How much to bet so as not to go broke? The answer will surprise more than one. The maximum recommended when betting is 1%. It can mean an insignificant percentage, in fact more than one will be thinking that it is a ridiculous amount. Nothing is further from reality. The maximum amount to bet must never exceed 1%. The ideal is to make bets of 0.5, 0.7, … Although it seems curious, as well as surprising, betting 2% can lead you down the road to bankruptcy. So don’t trust those who say they bet 10%.

There is an important aspect to take into account, and that is that theory and practice do not have to marry. Theory is necessary to learn, but when you put that theory into practice it doesn’t always work. So the best thing is to test and know what is the best that goes with your style when placing bets Always with your head and being responsible.

Tips to know how to bet

  • State / share ratio. Bet in relation to the bet quota.
  • Defined maximum bet. In order not to make mistakes, we must have previously stipulated our maximum bet.
  • Never go all-in. One of the most common mistakes is to bet everything on a single bet.

Learn about the world of gambling in our Academy section. At The Magazine Sport we are committed to responsible gaming. No responsability, no play.

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