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Bookies which kick winners out

15 April, 2021
Las casas de apuestas expulsan a los ganadores

Bookies which kick winners out. Traditional bookmakers, also known as bookies, are entertainment companies that offer entertainment exclusively to recreational players. Thus professional players are banned and expelled as soon as they carry out certain successful operations. Why do the bookmakers expel the winners? How to survive in a bookie without being singled out?

The objective of any company is to obtain an economic benefit, and of course, that of traditional bookmakers as well. So your target audience is not professional players, but recreational players who are easy to unseat. In addition, the bookies have an extensive decalogue of terms and conditions to be able to hinder good players. The limitations and restrictions in the bookmakers are the order of the day.

How to survive in a bookie without being singled out?

Here are some tips to avoid being limited by the bookmakers. However, there are no secret or safe formulas because each bookmaker works differently and there are no fixed rules. But recommendations and advice are welcome:

  • Make small bets. When we register with a bookmaker and want to go unnoticed, the ideal is to make soft or small bets so as not to stand out. If we place high stakes, we will be hunted down quickly.
  • Do not place maximum bets so as not to be signaled. The ideal thing if you want to make a high bet is to do it in different bookmakers.
  • Open accounts in different bookmakers. In order not to attract attention, it is essential to open accounts in several houses, so you can make smaller bets without being seen.
  • Hot matches. Try to avoid surebets, tipsters so as not to put yourself in danger.
  • Do not bet in minor leagues. Avoid betting on minor league games, as they attract attention as they are weaker markets.


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Bookies which kick winners out

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