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Analysing tipsters

18 May, 2021
analizando tipsters

Analyzing tipsters, the guts of the sector exposed. Find out the truth about tipsters so they don’t fool you. Find out with some simple and quick tips how to spot fake gamblers. Find out what you should know before opting for one of them and if you really should trust their forecasts.

Let’s start by explaining what a tipster is. In the world of sports betting, the term tipster is related to a bettor who collaborates by sharing knowledge of it through bookies, certain online platforms or on social networks. Tipsters can collaborate altruistically or by receiving a financial sum.

Analyzing tipsters

The term tipster is an Anglo-Saxon word that designates a counselor. The tipsters work mainly in advising, recommending or sharing sports betting tips. As you can imagine, the online world or social networks are full of “advisers”. However, as in any other profession there are false counselors. It is for this reason that it is essential to be able to identify an authentic tipster from one who is not.

If there is a determining aspect when it comes to identifying them, it is their professional career. Before opting for a “counselor” we must make sure that he is. Experience and track record will determine if you have industry knowledge and can identify where to find good odds.

In a previous video we explained some aspects about tipsters that often go unnoticed by ordinary users. Today we take a closer look at how to analyze tipsters correctly or break down some tricks they use to falsify or inflate their statistics.


One of the recurring sites to find tipster is blogbet. An open space that has statistics, free and paid tipsters. A useful tool if you know how to use it, since it has different filters to carry out a more exact search.

The prices of the paid tipster go from 400 euros per month onwards. Abusive, right? Do not miss next article where our experts delve into the entrails of the counselors and brings out the truth.

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